Tooth Chipped

You can have a clipped tooth as a result of many reason like accidents, sports injuries, or using  the teeth for the purpose is not meant for like, to open bottle, for holding objects and soon. Some clipped tooth injuries can be noticed easily while others may be or barely visible. Either visible or not visible, when you notice any discomfort when eating or have started experiencing sudden sensitivity to cold or hot temperatures. Then you should see a dentist to check whether you have clipped tooth or not, because a clipped teeth could lead to the the follow.

Why you should fix your clipped tooth

Weaken your tooth

Clipped tooth could weaken your tooth as well as it can makes the nerve of your tooth vulnerable. Putting pressure on a clipped tooth such as eating crunchy foods and others could start causing an immune pain.

Temperature sensitivity

Normally, temperature is not a direct pressure on the tooth but you could start experiencing much pains because the outer structure of teeth is no longer functioning making the roots of the tooth exposed thus causing an extreme sensitivity to temperature, which makes it difficult to take cold or hot drinks.

Could cause an infection

When you have a serious chipped, the break could weaken the function of the inner nerve of your tooth. causing much pain and can even lead to discoloration of the tooth. Furthermore, it leaves the inner structure of your tooth expose thus making it vulnerable to cavities and infections. And it can even compromise your health.

About our methods


We use this method is for chips or fracture that are visible to other when you smile. It is usually done by adding some kind of tooth colored material called composite resin to your teeth to level it up when they the other tooth.


This method is use when a large portion of your tooth has broken. It is usually placed on the clipped tooth to avoid further breaking down after repair. These crown are usually made of resin, porcelain or even ceramic,  inline with the color of the patient other teeth.

Root Canal method

Root Canal therapy is the right method to use when your clipped tooth injury is severe to the extent that the inner blood vessel and pulp of the tooth are damaged thus making it vulnerable for bacteria and could lead to infections.

About us

It’s quite unfortunate that there is no home self-treatment for a chipped at home. Aside that, you to should think of your teeth like other bone. Since you won’t treat a broken or fractured bone by yourself likewise you shouldn’t treat your a clipped tooth also. You will need a professional help from our medical expert. Our dentist are medical experts and well equipped with enough facilities, and will provide you with appropriate method and treatment to rid of the pain and take you teeth back to square. To meet our dentist, contact us on