Crown & Bridge

Dental crown & bridges are two major restorative dentistry procedures to rebuild and to strengthen the damaged or decayed teeth. A crown is designed to cover and to protect teeth from progressive damage while restoring the original shape of the treated teeth. The bridge is a procedure to replace missing teeth by cementing the crown/artificial teeth to neighboring teeth. It’s done by reshaping the adjacent teeth and applying a set of cemented crowns. Crown & bridges have been a convenient yet cost-effective solution to restore/replace teeth.

Crown and Bridge Procedures

Bridge procedure always uses the crown in order to bridge the gap as the damaged tooth can’t be restored and is already extracted. A sole crown procedure is applicable when the decayed teeth can be trimmed to the anchoring form for the crown. Here the crown & bridge processes:

Crown: Our dentists would trim and reshape the damaged teeth as the anchor of the crown. Then, the trimmed tooth would be molded and customized to achieve natural shape. We take care of the molding very carefully in the laboratory to accommodate each person’s tooth characteristic including the shade and texture. We use quality ceramic and metal materials to fabricate the crowns. Once the crown is ready, our dentists would cement it down to the trimmed tooth.

Bridge: When it comes to bridging the gap due to a missing tooth, our dentists will prepare the adjacent teeth by trimming them as the anchors for the crowns. Our dentist will then carefully mold and fabricate the bridge set that accommodates two crowns for the neighboring teeth and one crown for the missing tooth. This bridge would be processed at our laboratory and once ready, our dentist would cement the bridge set to the position. Our dentist would examine your tooth thoroughly and provide the best crown & bridge solution.

Why You Need Crown & Bridge Procedures

1. Complete Spectrum of Restoration

There are various options available to accommodate tooth restoration needs with crown and bridge. For crowning, there are full porcelain crowns ideal for front teeth, porcelain fused to Metal Crown(PFM) for chewing teeth, or Zirconia Crown for more strength and aesthetic features.

2. Strong and Protective Results

Crown & bridges provide more strong & protective tooth restoration than fillings or dentures. The crown seals the damaged and bridged the teeth to give them extra protection. With PFM or Zirconia crowning, you can use the restored teeth normally even for heavy chewing. However, proper brushing and regular check-ups are essential to maintain crown & bridges.

3. Best Looks

Crown & bridge aren’t a cosmetic dental procedure but it helps you to achieve natural looks when restoring your tooth. Our dentists can mold and customize the crown to accommodate the original look of your teeth. This procedure also allows dentists to apply some degree of flexibility to correct color, shape, shade, contour, and texture of the fabricated teeth.

4. Cost-Effective

Whenever possible for application, crown & bridge could be a cost-effective teeth restoration solution and alternative to conventional dentures. Get a consultation session with our dentist now for your crown & bridge procedures.