Teeth Whitening

Whitening your teeth can be the most effective method of lightning that natural color of your teeth without having any of your teeth removed. People tend to use teeth whitening now then often; having white teeth can help your store yourself-esteem. Nothing can make you more comfortable like when your teeth literally shining.

Causes of teeth discoloration

Foods and drinks: Taking tea, coffee, wines and some fruit and vegetables.

Tobacco: Chewing/smoking of tobacco

Poor hygiene: Inadequate cleaning of the tooth.

Disease: For instant, tooth discoloration of an infant could be as result of certain infections from their mother during pregnancy.

Medication: Certain medications such as antihypertensive medication, antipsychotic drugs and some other drugs can stain your teeth and lead to teeth discoloration.

Genetic: Teeth discoloration in some people is natural because most of our dental health is determined by genetics factor. Genetic condition like dentinogenesis or amelogenesis can make enamel not to develop properly which could lead to discolored teeth.

Benefit of whitening teeth

Improve your confidence

You know self-confidence is really important in our daily lives. For instant, in some people you get to determine how confidence they are, through their teeth when they smile. You won’t want a situation whereby you will have to use your lips to cover teeth because your teeth are not white enough.

Makes you more attractive to others

Not only that a whitening teeth increase your self-confidence, it will also make people more attractive to you since nobody will want to associate themselves with someone with a yellow teeth, although you brush always but people will draw conclusions immediately when they see that yellow teeth of yours, and this alone can make you less attractive to people.

Improve your appearance to others

Whiter teeth will make your appearance more youthful thus making you to feel healthier even if you have some wrinkles on that face. Since, teeth whitening will make your teeth stand out, it will make people to focus on it than those winkles around your face.

Hygiene benefits

You know you can actually get judged based on your level of personal hygiene. Though, you always brush every day but when people see that stain in your teeth, some people will think of it as result for poor personal hygiene. Why let people think ill about you?

Improved mental health

When you have a beautiful shinning smile, it can shine your brain as well. Since, some cognitive problems and diseases occur as a result of bad oral hygiene. Your oral is safe after all. Thus you will have nothing to worry, and your brain can focus on some else leading to improved mental health.

About us

We are dental care center located at Singapore. Our dentists are dental specialist who deals with any dental problems. We have different package on how to whitening your teeth which are in-practice whitening- this usually performed by our dentist and home whitening kits. Our dentist will offer you the one that suit you most. Since other proceeds requires of sometime before you could see their effect. Getting your teeth whitened by our qualified dental professional will only takes few hours before your teeth start shining back. Contact us for more details about service.

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