Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth (are the third orlast set of molars) that people start to have in their late teens or early twenties. wisdom teeth can valuable assets when they are properly aligned while on the other hands can also be a threat to your health, if they are misaligned. If the teeth are not in the right place can lead to the following

Reduce orthodontist problem

When your teeth start growing, they can overcrowd the entire structure of the teeth, and could start to cause damages to adjacent molars. If there is no space for the the teeth, it can lead to alignment issues sooner or later. Therefore, removing the teeth can reduce further damage this may lead to.

Prevent damage

Times, when the teeth erupt, the pressure is usually much in such a way that could weaken the nearby teeth to lose their root thus making the neighboring teeth vulnerable to cavities and other possible damages.

Reduce the risk to oral disease 

An imparted wisdom teeth refer to a wisdom teeth that are misaligned, these teeth

can lead to dental cavities and other diseases associated with gums. And when the pressure of the impacted wisdom continues, it could lead to the inflammation of the gums thus resulting in a life-threatening disease like sepsis. Why make things complicated when you can actually get rid of it without going through much stress or pain at our health care center.

Reduce orofacial pain 

Aside the fact that it prevent cavities and other related diseases, when use remove these teeth, it will also ease your discomfort. To reduce your gum sensitivity, you may to get rid of those pesky teeth. When you remove those teeth. It can improve your health as well as reduces your limitations on drinks or food you can take.

Can cause tooth decay

Around the impacted wisdom teeth, there could be an opening at an area where food remnant stays, and if clean up is not done properly or unable to reach the impacted wisdom when cleaning up because of pain, this could lead to bacteria. And over time, this can develop into plague leading to cavities and could eventually affect the surrounding teeth.

About us and how we operate

We are a Singapore based dental care center, our mission is to provide dental care solution across Singapore. The method at which our dentist use to remove your wisdom teeth will depend on the stage of development and their position. Our oral care specialist will provide you with details on what to expect during their pre-operation exam. During this pre-extraction exam, our dentist will check if there is an infection. If there is an infection, our dentist will give you an antibiotics to clear up the infection before they proceed to the extraction. After the infection has healed up then we proceed to the main operation. Nothing to worry about since our dentist/oral surgeon is an experienced and well-trained specialist who deals with any dental problems. Be rest assured that no complications or after surgery problems. Don’t let your wisdom teeth be a threat before you react. Book an appointment with us today and get your wisdom teeth removed by our finest dentist.