Dental Braces

Dental braces have become the most popular yet effective solution to align teeth. The treatment allows you to gain straighter teeth that not only improve your confidence but also to bite foods more conveniently. It’s not an instant way but absolutely a certain solution to make your teeth aligned.

Make sure your dental braces installed by professionals at a reputable dental center. Consult your teeth brace needs with our orthodontic experts now and get the best possible treatments to achieve your desired result.

Types of Dental Braces

There are two major types of dental braces including fixed teeth brace and removable teeth brace.

Fixed teeth brace

It’s the traditional dental brace where the stainless steel brackets installed and wired to your teeth. The bracket host the wire with ligature rubber bands or using the built-in clip on the self-ligating braces. The application can be outside of the teeth or inside of the teeth or renowned as Lingual braces. While the inside application makes the braces less visible from the outside, you may feel a little bit uncomfortable as your tongue would directly contact the braces more frequently.

Removable Teeth Brace

For mild misalignment and growth modification, the removable aligners can be used. You can remove brace when brushing your teeth or when eating your meals. These removable braces provide comfortable teeth aligning experience. Unlike the traditional braces, the removable aligners aren’t adjustable so you may need different sets of braces in stages to achieve desired results. Today, some manufacturers like Invisalign also produce clear aligners customized and 3-D printed that looks invisible.

Advantages of Dental Braces

Many people misinterpret dental braces as a solely aesthetic dental procedure. While it does gives you a perfect smile, wearing dental braces actually gives you wider advantages. These include:

Obtain A Well-Aligned Teeth

The main objective of dental bracing is to straighten misaligned teeth. It fixes the position of each teeth resulting in well-aligned teeth which is everyone’s dream. This alignment not only improves teeth look but also enhance its functions.

Improve Bite and Chewing Functions

Misaligned teeth may drive some issues on teeth functions including when biting or chewing foods. Braces help teeth to align in their ideal positions so you can bite and chew meals more conveniently. Overall, it helps you to achieve what’s normal teeth should look and work.

Enhance Oral Health

Dental bracing results in a properly aligned tooth that reveal spots where a brush or floss couldn’t reach previously. Once it’s removed, you can clean your teeth and mouth more thoroughly and maintain better oral health. This way, you can prevent teeth from decaying and gum diseases.

Manage Better Oral Communication

Not only the procedure helps you achieve better experience in chewing your foods, but straight teeth also allow you to communicate better. You can pronounce words and speech with higher clarity with well-aligned teeth. This would help you improve social relations and even careers.

Permanent Results

While the process may take a longer time to achieve the desired result, the dental brace treatment is actually a lifetime investment. With proper treatments, the well-aligned teeth would last permanently for the rest of your life. However, it doesn’t free you from regular teeth health checkups every six months.